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With our New software COBRA, as a reseller you are able to monitor your city's marketplaces and be notified as soon as something you like is posted 



Digital Services

Professionals are normally called doctors therefore we have the doctors you need for your project. Graphics & design, Tech & Programming, Video & Animation, or any other digital service. Our vast team is working for your satisfaction. 

Our Goal

To generate business models that are based on unique software ideas for all platforms.

 Software Projects

At Apps Doctors, we know the true meaning of giving each project the time and effort needed to deliver excellent applications.


Click it - The Run Word

Is not easy as you might think.

Click it is a challenging simple game that requires focus



Wether you have a small or big business, we can help you.

 iProducts is one of our successful clients which is market where you can buy and sell electronics. Also, in iProducts we have developed a powerful IMEI / Serial Number check engine.


In Classeats, students are able to sell their spots in the next's semester's full classes. Some students have more options but other students and mostly seniors are limited to specific choices. Additionally, Classeats has a marketplace to buy & sell used textbooks within the student's college marketplace.


As rent gets very expensive and forms a high portion from our monthly expenses, MoveIn would provide a way to cut / reduce that expense. MoveIn will match the resident of any apartment complex that offers a friend referral gift with potential renters in the same apartment complex, and therefore both parties would be able to split that referral reward. 



Introducing the new Trade-Off Program in which we are offering partnerships with influencers or those with small budget and great idea

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