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Own a Merch?

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We always want to look special. Well, One way is to shop from special places..


In BuyTube we combined social networking and shopping to give you a unique user experience. 

In this platform, you are connected to your favorite Influencers, YouTubers, and Artists official Merchandise. 

Checkout item reviews and once you bought the item you liked, then you can enter the SHOWOFF network by posting a picture for yourself with the item. 



You’ll be automatically added to our ShowOff Magazine once you hit the most likes so make sure to get that perfect snapshot before you post.. More Likes, More Popular..


And when it comes to shopping, In BuyTube you can browse items by Category (T-Shirts, Jackets, Bottoms, Makeup,.. ) or by influencer name. 

And If you like an item, add it to your favorites or share it with your friends! 

And Hey! we are constantly adding new merchandises, so stay tuned! 


There's YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Movies, YouTube TV, YouTube Kids,.. but no YouTube Shop! 

BuyTube..Coming Soon



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